1. Are refurbished products sold on getexchangedeal.com?


getexchangedeal.com does not sell any refurbished or pre-owned products. getexchangedeal.com is an online exchange platform, where customers can purchase brand new products by exchanging their old pre-owned product/s.  

2. What does getexchangedeal.com do with all the old products that are exchanged by the customers?

getexchangedeal.com handles the old products in one of the following manner:

a. Sold forward to junk dealers and recyclers

b. Donated if product found in working condition

3. Does getexchangedeal.com sell the new products directly or through partners?

getexchangedeal.com is not a marketplace and sells all the new products directly to customers.

All billing is done by getexchangedeal.com. All new products are sourced from manufacturer's or authorized distributors, following all GST mandates/ rules. Installation of new products are done directly by the manufacturer. All product warranty is directly from the manufacturer. getexchangedeal.com always encourages customers to register the new products directly with the manufacturer's.

4. Are returns allowed on getexchangedeal.com?


getexchangedeal.com has a 15 days returns policy on new products post delivery. Products will not be considered for return if unboxed, if any accessory is found to be unavailable. In a rare event of any product found to be dead on arrival (not working due to any technical glitch) found at the time of installation by the manufacturer's installation engineers, the product will be replaced within 7 working days. 

getexchangedeal.com will not return the old product.

Exchange effective Price (Final Price) paid by the customer plus (+) price of old product minus (-) product handling charges of Rs. 1000 per transaction.

5. When will getexchangedeal.com pick up the old product?

getexchangedeal.com will pick up the old product from the customer doorstep either at the time of delivery of the new product or at a later point.

6. What are the various payment options available at getexchangedeal.com?

The following payment options are currently available for our customers on every product:

a. Cash or Card on Delivery (our customer can pay by cash or by card at the time of delivery of the new product

b. Online payment by Net banking, all leading credit cards and debit card and EMI options 

7. Are EMI options available on getexchangedeal.com?

Yes, our customers can chose an easy EMIs while making a payment.