About Us

    https://www.getexchangedeal.com is a multi-brand and multi-product exchange e-commerce platform for the exchange of consumer durable and home appliances. Currently, we are operational in Bangalore, India, with plans of expansion.

    Our platform is run by a group of highly motivated individuals and focuses on helping customers upgrade to newer and advanced products by exchanging old and pre-owned products in any condition.

    We offer the best prices of the old products and great deals on the new ones too. Our platform empowers our customers to unlock the potential value of their pre-owned products and our customers have opportunity to exchange any old product for any new product. For e.g., our customer can exchange an old television to for a new refrigerator.

    All new products are brand new and genuine and procured with all the warranties from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We encourage our customers to register the new product bought from us on the OEM websites.

    For managing transaction on our website, we use industry leading payment gateways for safe & secure transactions. This allows our customers to shop on our platform with complete piece of mind. We also offer cash on delivery option for our customers.

    All transactions are done directly through our company ‘Swarswet Consumer Durables Barter LLP’, a duly registered entity in  India.

    We make all possible efforts for the responsible disposal of all old and pre-owned products that we receive form our customers.